Additional Materials

Throughout its history, AWMCO has provided various noncombustible low and high temperature insulating boards, blankets and papers to the industrial, commercial and OEM markets. These unique materials are available for special applications from our inventory. AWMCO can cut, slice, stamp, die-cut, drill, fly cut, tap, chamfer, bevel, countersink, and counterbore these unique materials to virtually any size and shape for your application. Feel free to call, email or FAX your requirement, and let one of our knowledgeable staff assist you.

Examples of special uses include:

  • Gaskets (low and high temperature)
  • Fire protection
  • Thermal insulation
  • Heat Shielding
  • Terminal and conduit box insulation
  • Refractory backup
  • Laminated building panels
  • Heater supports
  • Spark protection
  • Floats, spouts, baffles, trough linings and ingot mold liners
  • Fire rated door assemblies
  • Terminal insulating pad
  • Motor base insulation
  • Chimney base
  • Ram end insulator
  • Shelf plate
  • Crucible cradle
  • Melt coil guard
  • Mold holder
  • Chamber insulator strip
  • Furnace insulator plugs
  • Coil retaining and top plates
  • Terminal block
  • The list goes on...