Transite HT

Does your industrial application require a strong, high-density fiber-reinforced cement panel? Is it important for the material to be immune to high impact and corrosion while providing electrical resistance? AWMCO's Transite HT is the product of choice.

Consider the benefits of Transite HT:

  • Designed for applications up to 450° and 600° F if initial heat conditioning is performed
  • Can be machined into complex and intricate parts
  • Available in thicknesses of 1/4" to 3" and panel sizes of 4' x 8'

The thermally-stable Transite HT is used successfully in numerous applications:

  • Foundry core and blow plates
  • Induction furnace walls
  • Soldering plates
  • Bus bar support
  • Terminal boxes and strips
  • Arc shields
  • Flask and jacket liners
  • Local bearing gaskets and spacers
  • Thermal washers